Welcome To The Norman Studios ~ Jacksonville’s Only Surviving Silent Film Studio Complex

Founded in 1920 Jacksonville, Florida’s Norman Studios was among the nation’s first to produce films starring African American characters in positive, non-stereotypical roles, contrasting the derogatory roles offered by the era’s mainstream filmmakers. It was run by Richard E. Norman, a forward-thinking gentleman who sought to help break the racial barriers in his industry. Norman’s five-building studio complex survives in Jacksonville’s historic Old Arlington neighborhood and is the city’s last surviving vestige from the River City’s heyday as a wintertime film production hub. Our 501(c)3 organization is working to help restore and reopen Mr. Norman’s complex as a thriving community and learning center for the next generation of film professionals and fans. Want to play a supporting role in the Norman Studios’ epic comeback? There are lots of ways to get involved. We’d love to have you join our cast!

norman studios production & processing bldg 2008